Sunday, April 27, 2008

Angelia Wigginton's Between The Two Album

A Completed Album!!

Janet and I took Angelia's class at the recent ScrapEtc event in Nashville. Here's a few shots of Sue's finished album. To view a slide show of the entire album (8 pages) click here.
What I liked:
  • The Basic Grey paper (of course, I'm a BG hound)
  • Putting sequins on paper and rub-ons, a new twist for me
  • Angelia's teaching style and excellent instructions
  • The theme of being asked to contrast two things, or scrap about the relationship between two things (thus her title, Between the Two).
My album contrasts two places my DH and I both love, even thought these two places are at the opposite ends of the earth - literally, a world apart. I'm talking about East Tennessee (where we live currently) and Bali, a small island in Indonesia.

Thanks to Angelia for the idea of this album. Slide show

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