Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Word Book for a DGD

Janet used the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge to make her word book. You will need Design Studio Software to lay out the pages for the book.

Janet says:
With the shift key engaged, I used the rectangle on the bottom row, second key from the right. I sized the first rectangle 11/2" wide by 31/2" tall. Each additional rectangle was sized 1" wider than the one before it by the same 31/2" tall. I sized the letters 2" wide by 3 ½" tall. Be sure to check the weld box for each rectangle and letter. Position the letter half on the rectangle and half off. Cut the pages out of chipboard. Each page will be 1" longer than the one before it.

If you choose to make your book larger than the size I have done, each rectangle will increase in width by half of the width of the letter. Example: if your letters are 3" wide, increase the width of the rectangles by 11/2".

Next you will choose the paper to cover your chipboard book. I cut the rectangles out of patterned paper and the letters out of a solid color.

Next, go into your DSS program and remove the letters from the page. You will cut 2 of each size rectangle, one for the front of the page and one for the back. Next, create a page with the letters on it. Size the letters the same as before, 2" x 31/2". You will need 2 of each letter, checking the flip shape box for one of each. This will give you one letter turned backwards for the back of the page.

After cutting all the rectangles and letters out of paper, you will apply adhesive and attach the rectangle and then the letter to each page. The letter will overlap the rectangle. I used my Zyron 510 to apply the adhesive to the paper. You can also use a solid stick adhesive if you prefer.

You can bind your pages using a Bind-it-all. If you don't have one, you can punch holes with a rectangle punch and lace ribbon through the holes to create a binding.

Here's a link to the .cut file used to create this book.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Contest! Make Janet's Card and Win!

It's a contest! Make your version of Janet's Mother's Day card (see below for instructions and pics), send the pics (include one of yourself) to us before Saturday, May 10th at NOON Eastern Daylight Time, and get a chance to win a package of Queen and Company laser-cut felt. The winning entry will be judged by Janet and Sue, and pics of the winner's card will be posted here on the blog.

Angelia Wigginton's Between The Two Album

A Completed Album!!

Janet and I took Angelia's class at the recent ScrapEtc event in Nashville. Here's a few shots of Sue's finished album. To view a slide show of the entire album (8 pages) click here.
What I liked:
  • The Basic Grey paper (of course, I'm a BG hound)
  • Putting sequins on paper and rub-ons, a new twist for me
  • Angelia's teaching style and excellent instructions
  • The theme of being asked to contrast two things, or scrap about the relationship between two things (thus her title, Between the Two).
My album contrasts two places my DH and I both love, even thought these two places are at the opposite ends of the earth - literally, a world apart. I'm talking about East Tennessee (where we live currently) and Bali, a small island in Indonesia.

Thanks to Angelia for the idea of this album. Slide show

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Cricut Design Studio - Survey Results!

Survey says! So far about twenty people have taken our survey (see bottom right) about the Cricut Design Studio software. One person has 'fessed up that she has it but is too afraid to use it, another that she has it but hasn't installed it yet. For those of you who are "Design Studio" wannabes, check the Cricut Message Board for a lot of help and tips. And come back here for new designs and .cut files that we will share with you from time to time.

And if you are ready to put your toe in the water, check our website and order the Design Studio software for yourself - our price is nearly half what is charged on the Provocraft site, and shipping is low.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Janet's Mother's Day Card

Just subtitute the letters DAD and make it a Father's Day Card.
We promised the complete instructions for Janet's accordion and pull tab card honoring moms, and here they are. We can't think of a mom or grandmother who wouldn't love this card, which has spaces for pics and journaling.

Accordion Pocketbook Mother’s Day Card

Supplies you need:

  • Chipboard
  • 1-12x12 double sided Paper
  • 2-12x12 Patterned paper (This does not need to be double sided)
  • Embellishments for decorating


Take the 12 x 12 double sided paper, score at 4”, turn paper over and score at 4” from the other side. Turn paper sideways and score at 4” from bottom. Fold up making a pocket. Apply a thin strip of adhesive at each fold and on both ends to form pockets.

Use your Cricut and Design Studio Software to make your letters and weld them to rectangles to make the cards to insert in the pockets. (We have three .cut files available for you that takes care of this step.)

Settings for DSS:

Letters - 3” width, 3” length

Rectangles - 3” width, 4” length

Line the letters up on top of the rectangle so that the letter overlaps the rectangle. Be sure and check the weld box for each letter and each rectangle. Cut welded letters/rectangles out of chipboard.

Next cut just the letters (same size) out of patterned paper.

Cut two of each letter, using flip image feature for the second one.

This will give you a letter for the front and the back of the card.

Then cut just the rectangles out of patterned paper. This does not have to be double sided since it will be attached to the chipboard. You will need six rectangles cut from the patterned paper, one for the front and one for the back of the chipboard.


After cutting all elements, it is time to put the cards together. I used my Zyron 510 to apply the adhesive to the back of the letters and rectangles.

You can also use a good solid adhesive stick. Liquid glue will take too long to dry and may cause the paper to pucker.

Put pattered paper rectangles on the chipboard first and then put the letters on top. This is so the letters will overlap the rectangle. Add embellishments, pictures and journaling. You're done! Be sure to send us YOUR version and we'll post it here on the blog. You can mail your pics to scrapspirit@hughes.net.


  • Three .cut files are available to help you make this card. Click here to access the .cut files.
  • Janet says "This can also be done with the letters DAD for Father's Day."